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Selasa, 06 November 2012

Express it! Be The Most Useful by it!

These 3 big weakness that make me want to get stronger. So, I’ll still call it as stregth, a power for being a better person;
1.    Crashing the trough, jump up to the 7th sky. My emotions up and dowen like a bird that flew in between the steep cliffs. up and down in a short time. something that make me happy makes me jump, and the sad thing would hit me down so bad. Management of emotions that still needs further improvement.
2.    Dominating Ego. I often burst every idea that came up in my mind. And when I think it’s good enough, I’ll straight forward to keep it as the main idea in my group. But, If the other idea which alot better choosen, I’ll blow my smile and being as hard as possible to do the best.
3.   My interest is my activity. I rarely do anything that is not my interest in earnest. takes a while to adapt. But I’ll fight for every obstacles impeding my dreams

Three strength that sometimes neglect and even dropped. Should be more vigilant in managing, developing vibrant, and continues to strive to make this as a form of grateful for the gift of God.
1.    Urgency to be the most useful. all resources available to us today are the primary capital to be the most important human being; the most useful. it is in my mind, the spirit of being useful. and I think it is a strength that could be a major arrow in my move. Arrow that sometimes other people do not find.
2.    Love to interact. I am happy to exchange ideas with various people. Hearing the stories and lives from a different angle. Listening and understanding every single opinion. That's what makes us rich. And the network will be formed strands aid for my movements.
3.    Pressure makes perfect. I can work under pressure, and sometimes the results are much nicer than the things I do without it. It’s because I change the pressure become positive cells that could keep me moving and energized.

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